ArthWind - Q3 track records

ArthWind Services & Consulting, a leading company in Wind Turbine Blade Assessment using autonomous UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), has achieved great milestones in the last three months. Even in the high wind season, we’ve completed the inspection of more than 470 wind turbine blades. There was around 94 Hours of UAV autonomous flight, and about 197,000 high-resolution pictures. The Pro-Drone Autonomous System ensured repeatability and accuracy in different wind turbine technologies, with hub heights from 80 to 120 meters, and blades from 40 to 59 meters, safely inspected during the season. All images were processed in a cloud based BladeInsight web platform for data management. The low wind season will come soon in Brazil, and we will be ready to attend to all different kinds of needs from the customers. Do not hesitate to learn more about ArthWind, contact us: #ArthWind #ProDrone #WindBlade #Drone